Wally Dijksman aka DayT was born in 1962 in Rotterdam, Holland. His work mainly focuses on the electric guitar and all his expressional, tonal and harmonical possibilities. As an Autodidact, all his work has an unique personal touch. A new kind of language, so to speak. He has no spiritual or theoretical boundaries towards what can and (so called) can’t be played in music and arts in general. The use of different kinds of tools (metal pieces, lighters, drumsticks) to torment his instrument and to add different dimensions to his sound gives him a special place in the world of the avant-garde guitarists.
Recent he’s also focussed on solo performance. After some accidental, well recieved, try-outs for special occasions. A one man orchestra armed with percussion, guitar and vocal, and some additional mostly metal tools to torture his instrument. For upcoming year some solo audio work is planned to be released. More news on this front soon.


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