Distract Vibes has been active in the European alternative music-scene since 1984. Guitarist/Vocalist/percussionist DayT and bass player Mo have participated in various rock, noise, etnic, experimental/improv jazz and contemporary arts projects. The most current project involves the duo in a mix of eastern and experimental jazz improvisations, psychedelic layers of noise and distorted harmonics. Exploring the boundaries of expression within the limitation of the duo performance. An intriguing and unique visual and tonal experience. Not only for the ears but also the eyes. Hectic, confronting, emotional and “cutting edge”.

Critics have called them:

Timeless music, with vocals like a summit for prayer. Odd?, yes, beautiful?, yes again, beautiful all together. ( Vpro radio, Lisa Ruskus). 

Psychedelic noise with hallucinative melody’s in a cloud of singing crack sounds. (radio 6, vpro soul and jazz, Aad van Nieuwkerk).

Painters using their instruments like brushes to paint imaginaty landscapes of the soul (the Wire).

A mosaic of of different pictures, every picture a healthy satiric comment on our daily life (university of Maribor).

In addition to their longstanding duo, they’ve been active as composers/producers/musicians for various theatre/film/video/art/improvisation and experimental jazz events, and cooperated with bands/musicians/actors like: David Aylward (Blurt), Willem Cramer(East meets west, Cobraz), Arthur Scova Rhigini (Frank Wright), Charles Hayward (This Heat) Marc Constandse (Parne Gardje, Primitive Action) and many more.

Info about all Distract Vibes related audioreleases here.


Vibes promo foto



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