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Here’s a taste of the new upcoming concept/album Apple Pie Thug. It will probably officialy be made public in october 2015. The mixing is done and it looks like it will be a 7 track album. There are two excerpt-tracks available to listen to or free download, Cellular Traincrash,  and Sour Cream and Unions. Efforts to bring this concept (a)live in 2015 and 2016 are in progress.  People with an interest can contact us here. More info about new developments soon. applepiethughoesD

The 23rd of april we did a nice show at Die Baeckerei in Innsbruck, Austria. Great place, we’ll be back next year. Facebook eventpage.

The 7th of march we did a show in Antwerp at the Audio Plant Facebook event
Here’s a little taste of the foggy athmosphere of the place. Dropbox

A new edit off the last, 18th of september ’14, show in Rotterdam.
Brushed up the sound a bit and made a sharper videocut.
Filmed by Rolf Versteegh. Edit by DayT&MO.

Here’s a photo-dropbox page of our concert last november 28th @ the B-side in Munster with Id M Theft able from the US and Asuna form Japan. Photo’s taken by Jennifer Iker.

Video-footage of a Paris, France show in 2014.

The last show of our 8 concert autumn tour the 28th of november with ID M THFFT ABLE from the US and Asuna from Japan at the B-Side in Munster, Germany. It’s organised by Sudden Cricket, here’s the Facebook event page.
B-side poster

Live photo of the openingsshow of our tour at the Troche Kultury in Poznan, Poland. It was agreat show with great people and a good vibe. Facebook event.
Live at Troche Kultury, Poznan, Poland.

A modest autumn tour in november. On the road again. Hope to see you at one of these dates.


The first concert after summer was the 18th of september at the Koffie 5 Euro in Rotterdam.  Played on the same bill as Le Seule Element from France. Here’s the Facebook event page. The first time we’ve played in our hometown in a few years. It was very nice. Here are some foto’s of the event. And here’s Part 1 of a video of the show shot by Rolf Versteegh:

And here’s Part 2:

Distract Vibes at Koffie 5 euro

Here’s some video footage of our Amsterdam show from last april. Interesting stuff, a completely instrumental piece of music with a raw and edgy sound and nice dynamics. Special thanks to Alicia for filming.

The 24th of april we’ve played a show at the Dokhouse Gallery in Amsterdam. See the Facebook event page. The Amsterdam project SteQ with Peter Quistgard on electronics and Stephen Doyle on drums will be the joining us. They will perform their own set. Modern Art from Ids Dijkstra in the Galerie and vegetarian foods in the restaurant. Concert starts at 21:00. Come along to have  a long lasting Psychedelic experience. DJ Miss Whips will be playing 50ties and 60ties Rock and Roll from 23.00.  The entrance is free.


Just finished a new Vibes Videoclip “Psylomatic Bikeride”. Very trippy, weird stuff. Momo did the Video editing and Day-T the audioworks. Have a Ride!!!!

Sadly we’ve postponed our small London tour to a later date. Originally we’d go for a 3 concert tour to london in the first week of may. Although we had two concerts booked, at the rhythmfactory in Whitechapel and the Dublin Castle in Camden, the thirth one at the Lewisham Arthouse didn’t work out because we couldn’t find a suitable date in their agenda. We’ll have another go later this year.

Finally got around to mixing the live @ Paradox recordings. They’ve been on a shelf for a couple of years but it’s stil good stuff. Check them out on Bandcamp or Soundcloud to listen or download.


Our digitalised releases  on the Distract Vibes Productions Bandcamp page.

Would like to draw the attention to the people of Ardour for their fantastic work in creating a free (pay what you can) professional audiosoftware studio. An inspiration to us all.

Concerts in januari 2014: 21-01: K-Zentrum, Bremen, Germany. 22-01: Freies Sender Combinat, Hamburg, Germany. 23-01: Panda Theatre, Berlin, Germany. 24-01: The Zone, Berlin, Germany. 25-01: Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany. 26-01: Kulturbunker, Kassel, Germany.

In an attempt to digitalise our older releases and to put them online for anyone to purchase or download we’ve now uploaded our 2005 release “A Depraved Scent” on to Bandcamp, have a listen here.

A Depraved Scent.

We’ve uploaded one track of this album on to our Soundcloud page, Looming strain. More uploads of pre-internet releases , who can still be ordered by mail, soon.

The 9th of may we’ve played a show at Loophole Berlin as part of a 7 concert Germany tour. It was great fun. A lovely and sympathetic concert place with nice and frendly people. We’ll be back next year. Allso the other dates were highly enjoyable. Like there were: 11-5: Exploratorium, Berlin. 15-5: Neue Saechsiche Galerie, Chemnitz. 16-5: Galery Kub, Leipzig. 17-5: Grime and Punishment, Hamburg. 18-5: Frequenzgaenge, Hamburg. 19-5: Oberdeck, Hannover.

We now have a personal page at All About Jazz with a biography, audio/video and the works, have a look.

Uploaded 3 tracks of the latest work “Hot Nead in Silent Water” on to Soundcloud. The full work still only available on Bandcamp.

We’ve finished the new recording fase in the studio last july 2013 for another new release at the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next year. It’s gonna be a combination of recordings we’ve just made and the audio footidge of a recording stage in France last april with our mobil recording device. Hopefully it’s gonna be the realisation of a longtime dream we have, creating a fullscale instrumental piece of work. Mixing will probably start in march 2014. We’ll keep you informed.

Hot Nead in Silent Water on national radio, VPRO jazz live on  radio 6 with Aad van Nieuwkerk and the Universal Free Form Quartet as an mp3 file (one track at the beginning and three more on about 4/5th of the track) here and as a text (in dutch) here.

New release!!!!!

pag1 Hot-nead

Hot Nead in Silent Water, Released 16 of december 2011 by Distract Vibes productions.

Some dates for the ‘Hot nead in silent water’ concert tour 2012. 22-01: Le Yono, Paris. 16-02: Ateliers Mommen, Brussels, Belgium. 17-02: L’Atelier Polonceau, Paris. 09-03: Miss Hecker, Berlin. 20-04: Madame Claude, Berlin,  21-04: Exploratorium, Berlin. 22-04: Acud, Berlin. 21-06: ‘Fete de la musique’, Jardin Villemin, Paris. 07-07: Croxhapox, Gent, Belgium. (unofficial show at the summerbreak party.) 17-10: Hoerbar, Hamburg, Germany. 18-10: Galerie Kub, Leipzig, Germany. 19-10: Cell 63, Berlin, Germany. 22-10: Wendel, Berlin, Germany.

Video footage of a concert played at ‘the Noisy night in Paradox’ at the Paradox, Tilburg the 11th of february 2009 with Off on off (Terry Ex, Paal Nilssen-Love and Massimo Pupillo) and the Talibam, from Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s a online review of the show  (in Dutch).  englisch translation here

We’ve just uploaded our 2009 live recordings live @ radio Funkwelle in Berlin to Bandcamp with the intension of putting more of our previous releases online. So more uploads to be expected soon.

Distract Vibes Live

Somebody uploaded a bit of video footage  (1.40 min.) of our concert @Madame Claude in Berlin the 20th of april 2012. Have a look.

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