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This will be te last Distract Vibes tour for some time. We’ve decided tot take a break from our activities. Where not sure when we’ll start new actions but we’ll make sure tot let you know. DayT will be focussing on his new solo project William Sferis. More info on this front soon.
5th: Inkubator Kultury Pireus, Poznan, Poland.
6th: Punctum, Prague, Czeck Rep.
7th: Kek Lo, Budapest, Hungary.
8th: Dom B-612, Novi Sad, Serbia.
9th: Der AU, Vienna, Austria.
10th: Die Baeckerei, Innsbruck.
12th: Centre Culterel Libertaire, Lille, France.
15th: Gifgrond, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

“Sisibhadu” live in Rotterdam 12-2015.

Impression of our concert at the The Hall of Fame in Tilburg, @ the The Noise of Holland. 8th of april ’16.

Sadly we’ve postponed our small London tour to a later date. Originally we’d go for a 3 concert tour to london in the first week of may’16. Although we had two concerts booked, at the rhythmfactory in Whitechapel and the Dublin Castle in Camden, the thirth one at the Lewisham Arthouse didn’t work out because we couldn’t find a suitable date in their agenda. We’ll have another go later this year.

Last march Rotterdam show. In the south this time, at the great little restaurant of Gilbert van Drunen and Lies Claus,  Koffie en Ambacht. Guido Morbius from Berlin on the same bill.

poster koffie en Ambacht.

The newest concept/album/audiowork  Apple Pie Thug. Released in october 2015.  7 track piece of work this time. A total of almost 40 minutes of abrasive friction between distorted harmonics, psychedelic noise and exp/ avant-jazz improvisations. Recorded in 2013/2014.


It can be downloaded from Bandcamp.  If you would be so kind as to purchase a physical copy there’s more info here.

Older posts/archive.


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